Bella Thorne Instagram: Best Photos & Must-See Pictures

Okay, people, we have a serious issue here: I’m like REALLY into this Bella Thorne chick. I dig her vibe SO much that at the Rutgers-Penn State game last weekend I hooked up with a chick just because she kind-of-sort-of looked like a less-hot version her (sick humble brag by me, I know, thanks.)

Anyway, after looking a little bizarre at the American Music Awards, Bella Thorne said something along the lines of ‘f*ck all that fancy clothes bullshit, I’m hop in my underwear and throw some crazy hot pics on my Instagram story’. Or something like that.

She nailed it. Keep listening to that little voice in your head, Bella.

Gotta hand it to the girl: she knows what’s paying the bills.

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