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Conor McGregor: Best Instagram Photos & Must-See Pictures

Conor McGregor Best Instagram

via Instagram

I think it’s time that we (I) admit that we (I) have a minor (major) man-crush on Conor McGregor. Dude talks the talk and walks the walk better than any athlete I’ve ever seen. And at only 27 years old, McGregor is poised to dominate for another five years or so. I’ve never seen an athlete accomplish so much, so quickly, yet still have so much room to grow. McGregor has Ali level talent both on the mic and in the ring, and if career trajectory continues like this, whether you like it or not, he will be the Ali of this generation.

Hence my point: you could make a legitimate argument that no one on the ENTIRE PLANET OF EARTH is living a better life than Conor McGregor right now. He’s young, rich, talented, handsome, married, and a father-to-be. He talks endless amounts of shit, backs it up, then gets paid for it. Rinse and repeat.

You can’t blame him for being this cocky, either. Short of the first Nate Diaz fight, where McGregor had to go about 20 pounds above his natural weight, no one in the WORLD has even come close to touching this guy. He fought like five fights in the last calendar year, which is basically unheard of. But the reason he’s able to do so is because he barely gets touched when he fights… He’s clowning his opponents that bad.

It’s Conor McGregor’s world, and we’re just living in it. This photo is proof:

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