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The New Las Vegas NHL Team Will Be Named The Golden Knights

via NHL

via NHL

Lame. Lameeeee. I mean, I get it, kind of. You know, since it’s in Las Vegas, where you gamble and do sketchy shit at night. Gold. Night. Golden Knights. I’ll give ’em a little credit for the logo, but the color scheme is whack. It’s essentially the Dallas Stars’ color scheme from a decade ago: mustard gold, forest green, and black.


Owner Bill Foley revealed to hundreds of fans outside T-Mobile Arena that their team has a name and a logo, bringing the idea of a team in Las Vegas much closer to reality.

“We now have an identity,” Foley told in his office a few hours before he unveiled the team’s name and logo, which features a medieval-themed helmet.

“We are now the Golden Knights,” he said. “My whole idea was to create a logo and a name that was powerful, that would epitomize the warrior class. The knights are the epitome of the warrior class, the top of the line in terms of defending the realm, defending the unprotected. This is all part of the culture we want to create with the hockey team. And hockey players are warriors and they’re team players, they’re not individuals, they’re playing together.”

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