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Buffalo Bills Fan Arrested For Violating Probation After Butt Luging At Game

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Remember that viral video of a Bills fan chugging alcohol that was poured down a girl’s butt at a tailgate? Because it’s impossible for anything on the internet to not turn out to be awful (looking at you, Ken Bone!), new troubling information has come to light on what appeared to be an innocent butt luge.

It’s been reported that Orchard Park Police investigated the video, and they discovered that the man doing the drinking was under probation.

I’m not an expert on probation, but I’m pretty sure performing butt luges on camera isn’t the best way to maintain a low profile. Somehow, this isn’t the last of Dhali’s troubles either.

Goddammit, I must’ve watched that video a dozen times. I need to take a cold shower, and I also need an apology letter from Dhali for getting me involved in his deranged tailgate festivities. He’ll most definitely have some free time on his hands now that he’s heading back to the slammer. Bills Mafia really takes their nickname to heart.

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