Bojana Krsmanovic: Hottest Photos Of The 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' Model

The last time we checked in with Bojana Krsmanovic, she was getting wet in a shower for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo shoot. In case you missed out on that heavenly outtakes video, please do yourself a favor and check it out. Take a couple minutes to play catchup and then come back to join us. I promise you won’t regret it.

Now that everybody’s familiar with what Bo can do on camera, let’s move forward with the next order of business. When I was doing research for the aforementioned post on Bojana, I came to the horrific realization that we did not have a gallery of her hottest photos. I decided to rectify that wrong by painstakingly digging through Bojana’s Instagram to find the cream of the crop.
It wasn’t an easy job picking her 15 best photos, as Bo has had sizzling shoots for companies such as Sports Illustrated, Guess, Cosmopolitan, and Intimissimi. The 24-year-old model from Belgrade, Serbia is also quite fond of posting photos of her just being sexy as hell in regular, everyday life.
But here is where you get to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Check out the hottest photos of Bo in the gallery below, and feel free to give me all of the digital pats on the back you’d like.

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WATCH: Nina Dobrev Gets Wet In 'Men's Health' Photo Shoot
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