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Florida News Of The Week: Man Stabs Father Who Tried To Circumcise Him

via ABC

via ABC

There had to be some pre-existing beef between father and son in this situation, right? You don’t just go and try to cut your dad’s head off without there being some sort of past confrontations. I mean, this is Florida though, so anything goes. If my dad tried to snip the skin off my dick, I can’t say I’d be thrilled, but I certainly wouldn’t kill the dude.

Via ABC:

Alex Fultz, 20, was arrested Sunday on a charge of attempted felony murder.

According to a police report, Fultz’s father was asleep on a sofa in his bedroom when Fultz, armed with a knife, entered and stabbed his father in the neck. Police said Fultz then dropped the knife and left.

The victim was flown to Jackson South Community Hospital to be treated for a stab wound.

Police said officers later spotted Fultz walking toward them, both of his hands raised in the air.

“Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot,” Fultz told the officers, the report said. “I’m the one who stabbed my dad.”

Hey, give the kid credit for admitting that he’s the one who stuck his dad. Fultz told police that he was angry at his father because he wanted to cut off the foreskin of Fultz’s penis, and Fultz was scared that it would hurt, the report said. Fultz said his father didn’t listen to him and didn’t want to take him to a urologist, so Fultz stabbed himĀ out of anger.

Poor kid just wanted to keep his foreskin.

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