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Nothing Says College Basketball Is Back Like Bill Walton Making Everyone Think He’s Stoned Out Of His Mind


Bill Walton is truly one of a kind. There are plenty of old-school California hippies, but among them, only Walton holds the distinction of also being one of the greatest college basketball players of all time.

Walton is basically the Gary Busey of sports announcers. Listen to him call a basketball game and you’ll either be like me and love his random pontifications and abstract metaphors, or you’ll want to throw your TV out of the window.

But even if you’re not a fan of his style, you have to admit college basketball wouldn’t be nearly the same without this bizarre character.

And as I write this, Walton is making his season debut at the Maui Invitational. It didn’t take long for him to show that he’s already in midseason form.

Like everybody else, you probably did a double take. ‘Did Bill Walton just say he just got laid?’ I’m sure you thought. But apparently what he actually said was he just got leid. Classic Walton.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Here’s a list of things he talked about in just the first half.

And unsurprisingly, a lot of people out there are wondering if the Grateful Dead‘s biggest fan had to be under the influence of one drug or another.

I’m not going to join in and accuse Bill Walton of taking drugs. But whatever he’s doing, it’s fantastic.

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