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If You Thought The Dress Was Confusing, What Color Are These Flip Flops?

the dress flip flops color


It hasn’t even been two weeks since the election and we all thought the mayhem was over but, of course, we were dead wrong. Remember the controversy of that white/gold/black/blue/rainbow colored dress? The one that had everyone divided and unable to decipher colors? Well, it’s back. But this time with a vengeance… It seems to have evolved like a damn Pokémon and turned itself into some mysteriously colored flip flops.

Now, I don’t know what you all see… I still think I see a white and gold color scheme that I WOULD NEVER WEAR, just throwing that out there.

Brace yourselves…

What are people saying? Once again, people are very confused.

There you have it. Feast your eyes on the new Internet sensation, one that started up overseas in Portugal last Thursday. I can only imagine the shelf-life of this illusion being the same as the homemade chili I have leftover in my fridge. But I digress. I honestly, yet again, see white/gold, but I am really not 100% sure. I need help and that is where you come in. So please comment below and share your thoughts on what you see, mainly because I need assistance, as this is probably the first time I have not been confident in my own eyes. Just like John Lennon says, “The more I see, the less I know for sure.”

COED Writer