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Top 10 Best Gaming Deals & Sales On The Internet, Week 11/21/16


Best Video Game Deals This Week7

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, but there are always discounts there for those willing to do some hunting to find them. We’ll take care of that for you, bringing you the deepest discounts on games, accessories, and consoles out there. This week, some of the best deals we’ve seen all year are starting to pour in, as retailers begin to prepare for the holiday shopping season. If you’re looking for a gaming tablet, the Amazon Fire HD 8 can fulfill your needs at a fraction of the cost of better-known competitors. There are also hot deals on the trio of recently-released shooters Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Here are the best gaming deals we’ve spotted this week.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Deal Price: $89.99
Amazon’s Fire HD tablets have long provided a low-cost alternative to the iPads, Surfaces and Galaxy Tabs of the world, but this year’s edition is the sickest deal yet. The price has plummeted while the specs continue to improve, with a screen resolution and processing speed that can hang with the big boys. The 12-hour battery life is also a welcome perk.


Titanfall 2

Deal Price: $47.47
Regular Price: $60
Developer Respawn Entertainment listened to fans’ concerns about the fun but flimsy first game, adding a well-written and immensely entertaining campaign to accompany the top-flight mechs vs. jet suit-equipped foot soldiers multiplayer action.


Battlefield 1

Deal Price: $52.22
Regular Price: $60
EA DICE shifts the setting from near-future to early 20th century for a fascinating and surprisingly educational take on what was known in the era as the War to End All Wars. In addition to the lavish, expansive multiplayer, there is also a solid slate of campaign missions that traverse the globe and let you re-enact several famous campaigns.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for PS4

Deal Price: $49.44
Regular Price: $60
Launching past modern and near-future combat to go full sci-fi, the latest Call of Duty is set in a grim future in which mankind has colonized the solar system and wages battles for interplanetary domination. The campaign is packed with memorable set pieces and the multiplayer progression remains at the top of the heap.


GalGun: Double Peace

Deal Price: $29.99
Regular Price: $60
A bizarre Japanese effort, this racy rail shooter has you fend off hordes of advancing buxom women as you pursue the love of your life. The story path shifts depending on the belle you set your sights on. This is a game meant for those who can appreciate the silly, sexy side of J-Pop culture.


Xbox One S 500GB Battlefield 1 Bundle

Deal Price: $269
Regular Price: $300
Get the souped-up Xbox One update, along with one of the most popular games of the year, for $30 less than sticker price. This is an excellent gift option for someone you want to introduce to modern gaming. Or you can snag it for yourself and give a friend your old Xbox One.


Skylanders Imaginators

Deal Price: $59.99
Regular Price: $75
Activision’s pioneering toys-to-life franchise comes back in a big way with a new take on the concept. This time, you’re able to craft, design and distribute whatever powers you see fit for your in-game avatars. The discount leaves you enough cash left over to pick up an additional figure.


NBA 2K17 for Xbox One

Deal Price: $50.38
Regular Price: $60
Jump into the NBA sim by either taking your favorite team through the playoffs, taking control of the front office in franchise mode or designing your own player and going through the story mode. You can also throw down for some online street ball action. There are so many ways to hoop it up that you may not have any time left over to watch real-life games.


Mafia III

Deal Price: $49.94
Regular Price: $60
Plot, connive and rampage your way through a fictionalized 1960s version of New Orleans. You help a spurned Vietnam Vet consolidate his power as an up-and-coming crime lord and form an uneasy partnership with other kingpins to take down the Italian mob.


Madden NFL 17 for PS4

Deal Price: $46
Regular Price: $60
Take the field in career mode, play through a traditional season or build a team filled with top current players and legends in the card-based fantasy Madden Ultimate Team mode. EA Sports’ latest Madden improves on the strong base built up by the previous games.


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