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Joel Embiid, the NBA’s King of Social Media, Left An Unreal Comment On Chandler Parsons’ Instagram Post

Photos via Instagram/ chandlerpasrsons and Getty Images)

(photos via Instagram/chandlerparsons and Getty Images)

While unable to suit up during the first two seasons of his NBA career due to injuries, Joel Embiid was able to make a name for himself as the best social media follow in the NBA with tweets like the following:

Now finally on the floor for the 76ers, the Cameroonian 7-footer has been as good as advertised and looks like a surefire future all-star. But just because he’s playing again doesn’t mean that Embiid has let his social media game slip. In fact, if anything it looks Embiid’s his success on the court has only emboldened Embiid and he’s still as savage as ever.

For instance, take a look at Chandler Parsons’ following Instagram post, which in itself is pretty amazing. Upon returning to Dallas, Parsons was roundly booed by the Mavericks faithful. But Parsons chose to ignore that and instead acknowledge the attractive blonde who encouraged him to check his DM’s.

Much love Dallas.

A post shared by ChandlerParsons (@chandlerparsons) on

The thirst is real, ladies and gentleman. Also, I feel like a middle schooler making a 69 joke, but was it really a coincidence that the Grizzlies had 69 points when this fan held that sign up? I think not.

When Embiid saw the post, he delivered more gold by commenting exactly what everybody was thinking.


Then the man who calls himself “The Process” gave Parsons a shoutout on his own Instagram in a post while trolling Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, whose team is a Sixers-esque 2-9.

Joel Embiid is the best. Rihanna really needs to consider sliding into his DM’s now that the big man is crushing it on and off the court.

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