WATCH: Isla Fisher Says A ‘Wedding Crashers’ Sequel Is Coming

Yesterday, actress Isla Fisher went on The Today Show and dropped an absolute bombshell, saying that a Wedding Crashers sequel is in the works. If you want to hear Fisher talk about the admittedly pretty awesome looking Nocturnal Animals, watch the whole video. If you’re just looking for Wedding Crashers┬ánews, skip to the 3:10 mark.

HELL YES! Fire up “Shout” because Uncle Ned’s kids are back! I don’t have any idea what the plot would be and comedy sequels usually royally suck (looking at you Dumb and Dumber To), but this is still very exciting news. I need a Vince Vaughn bounce-back comedy effort in the worst way. Feels like it was a million years ago when he brought motorboating into the English lexicon.

I’m really hoping that they check in on funeral crashing pioneer Chazz Reinhold too. I wonder if he’s still railing out babes at his mom’s place.

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