Guys, A Photo of Chad Kelly Rolling A Blunt Has Leaked, So Naturally Everyone Should Freak Out

QB Chad Kelly hasn’t had the cleanest record at Ole Miss. Hell, he hasn’t had the cleanest record in college in general. He was allegedly thrown off of the Clemson team for threatening to beat up a woman and for hitting his friend in a parking lot while he was driving drunk. That winter he threatened to shoot up a bar in Buffalo with an AK-47.
But after transferring to Ole Miss, Kelly had a good amount of success with everything, except for hitting on Mia Khalifa. He slid into her DMs twice in an attempt to go on a date with her. Both times he failed.
Unfortunately for Kelly and for Ole Miss, the starting QB was playing pretty well before he tore his ACL in early November. So now the kid is trying to rehab not just his image, but also his knee. Which brings us to this story right now: some idiot friend of Kelly’s took a Snapchat photo of the Ole Miss QB allegedly rolling up a blunt and then shared it on social media. Of course, it wasn’t long before a Mississippi State fan found the picture and tweeted it to the whole world, while tagging the Ole Miss coach.

Are college football rivalries the only case where snitches don’t get stitches? It has to be. There’s just so much dirt flying around that it’s nearly impossible not to try and mess up other sports programs. Also, it’s not like the other school wouldn’t do it to your school if they had pictures of your QB. College football is a dog eat dog world. In our opinion, the Twitter user @WhereInDaHud is well within his rights to tweet out that photo.
But the guy in the room who took the Snapchat? That guy is going to get tuned up, you better believe it.
As for Kelly, we’re not going to say that we feel bad for the kid, but smoking weed is really not a big deal. College kids smoke blunts. This is nothing new. And if the kid is f*cking injured and wants something to help take the pain away, let him.

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