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SMU Students Fight Back Against Racist Fliers


SMU racist fliers

Racist fliers are popping up around college campuses from Texas to Oklahoma to Michigan, all with messages negatively directed towards African American males. One flyer caused students from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas to come together out of outrage and concern. The propaganda-induced racist trash literature directed white women not to date black men. A “call to action” is taking place on campus, led by fellow students, to discuss this disturbing issue.

What were the reasons given in those despicable flyers? I would rather not feed the beast of racism by restating them. But if you really must know, it was the same old song and dance of any hate speech, stigmatizing and incorrectly linking their subjects with violent crimes and STDs. We are not yet aware of who is responsible for creating and posting these fliers. Whoever is doing this is seriously warped and full of hate.

Officials at Southern Methodist University are currently looking into the matter. A representative from the university released this statement to The Daily Campus: “SMU condemns the racist and hateful message in these fliers. These messages have no place at SMU and are in opposition to SMU’s values and commitment to an environment free from discrimination.”

The Office of Multi-Cultural Student Affairs is also concerned, and members have held discussions with students about the racist literature popping up on campus.  “Everyone is being encouraged to take the fliers down, and try to see the person who puts them up,” said one student Jabari Ford.

Whoever is releasing these posters claims to be “alt-right,” and have also spilled this racist propaganda on the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan. Students from the Southern Methodist University are fighting back against these harmful messages by going around campus, circulating their own posters of love, unity, and acceptance.  “We’re Better Together” is the headline of these students’ fliers, and they hope to spread their message and stop the hate that’s taking place. At 8:00 P.M. Wednesday evening, the SMU Student Center was full of students gathering to take action against the threat of racism.

It’s time to block out the hate and welcome in the love for all people.

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