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Let’s Play A Game Called “Can You Find The Lone Black Person In Mike Pence’s Selfie?”



Eeeeesh. Bad visual. A couple of months after Speaker Paul Ryan took a famously white-washed selfie, Mike Pence decided that now that he’s the VP, he had to one-up Ryan’s bitch ass. Unsurprisingly, many Twitter users think the photos are uncannily similar to the photo at the end of the classic 1980 horror film The Shining.

Look, I don’t think this was on purpose, or that there is any intentional racism involved here. It essentially boils down to the fact that this photo is filled with strictly white faces and it looks hilarious.

However, there is ONE black guy in the photo. Can you find him? I’ll give you a second.

Give up yet? Okay. Ready? Here he is!





Yupppp…. that tiny spec alllll the way in the top left corner. Yup, that’s the only black person in this entire picture. And people wonder why there’s just a disconnect in this country …

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