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WATCH: ABC Reality Show Films Fake Hazing At Arizona State


ASU Sorority Hazing

Regardless of what kind of strange fantasies you dudes might have, the truth is that real life sorority hazing does not involve pillow fights, nor does it involve forcing dog-leashed hot pledges to drink vodka in sports bras out of fear of being paddled in broad daylight. That’s just not how life works right now.

But for some reason, the ABC show What Would You Do? thought that a “social experiment” involving that very scenario (read: hot pledges, sports bras, dog leashes, vodka, and paddles) would fool people into thinking that an actual hazing event was taking place on the quad. Yes, that thing that sororities do in private out of fear of jail time and being expelled? Now they’re doing it on the quad. Sounds way too obvious, right?

Well, apparently it was not obvious enough. A couple of people actually thought that real life pledging was going on. One person even filmed it and sent it to Scottsdale, AZ’s news channel. You can watch that footage below.

Apologies ahead of time for the crappy video player, we looked everywhere and couldn’t find it anywhere else.

I’m not going to lie, that would have been pretty freaking awesome if that was real, but it’s not. Because this is 2016 and this year sucks. Here’s the story from KPHO/KTVK.

A viewer sent us cell phone video he shot and described what he called “an alarming incident,” saying there were several adults and families who were there as everything was happening.

“I hope the event that I witnessed was somehow staged, although it did not appear to be,” wrote the man who contacted us via email.

That was the idea.

ASU spokesman Sean Storrs said the university received confirmation from the network that the young women were hired actors from New York City.

“ASU had no affiliation with this event,” Storrs wrote in an email response to our inquires to ASU President Michael Crow.

Special thanks to the guys at TFM who found this article. Also, speaking of What Would You Do?, here’s an obligatory “What Would You Do?” song from Team America.

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