WATCH: James Worthy Was Hypnotized By A Dancing Laker Girl

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets 125-118 last night at the Staples Center. Despite being a studio analyst for last night’s game, that final score was probably news to James Worthy. Watch him become totally hypnotized by a dancing Laker Girl.

Big Game James, you old dog, you! Even though she was clearly very attractive, you would think that seeing a Laker Girl dance would be nothing to a guy like Worthy. I can’t even imagine some of the wild sh*t that went down back in the day with the Showtime Lakers.

Worthy was an integral part of three of the Lakers’ championship teams, so you know damn well he was swimming in babes. That guy’s turned down more ass than I’ll ever get in my lifetime, and yet, the motor is still running for Worthy. You gotta respect that insatiable drive, as that’s how you become a Hall of Famer on and off the court. What a legendary cocksman.

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