WATCH: David Blaine Shocks Drake, Dave Chappelle, & Steph Curry With Crazy Magic Trick

Last night, magician David Blaine premiered his new special on ABC entitled, Beyond Magic. He did all sorts of wild tricks, catching a bullet in his mouth and freaking out Jennifer Lawrence with a card trick while they were FaceTiming. But one trick in particular had the internet buzzing, as it resulted in priceless reactions from Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Steph Curry.

Here’s the video of Blaine blowing their minds.

WOW! I’m not really a big magic guy, but that was unreal. Just look at these faces.

Hilarious stuff. I also love how Chappelle managed to get a Meek Mill burn in there too. That poor guy has been buried alive more times than The Undertaker. But then again, Drake’s reaction to that frog wasn’t a good look for his street cred either. I guarantee Meek or Pusha T mentions this in a song within the next month. It’s the lock of the century.

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