WATCH: Cross Country Runner Gets Obliterated By Deer

Cross country is hands down the dumbest sport of all-time. Anybody who willingly throws on those short shorts to run preposterously long distances is seriously deranged. They all need to have their heads examined, and this poor soul also needs to get his insides checked out. He could be looking at some internal bleeding after getting leveled by a deer.

Watch Bambi take a pursuit angle like a prime Ray Lewis.

WATCH OUT FOR THE DEER!!! Hahahaha. Homeboy was a day late and a dollar short when it came to heeding that advice. That Vine reminded me of that old George of the Jungle bit, as his destruction was both inevitable and super amusing.

Oh sh*t, is right. I can’t imagine how badly that must’ve hurt, but that’s the risk you take when you run cross country. If you step in the shower, you’re going to get wet. And if you come trotting across this deer’s homeland, you’re going to get obliterated. Get off the tracks when the train’s coming through, butthead.

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