WATCH: Browns’ Awful History Of Quarterbacks Was A ‘Jeopardy’ Question

David Eddy's Twitter

David Eddy’s Twitter

Just when it looked like things couldn’t possibly get any worse for the 0-10 Cleveland Browns, their dreadful quarterback history was the subject of a question on Jeopardy. Watch Alex Trebek cruelly remind Browns fans of their total inability to find a quarterback worth a damn.

Need to check the rule book. But I'm pretty sure this means you made it @3rd_Goal

— David Eddy (@deddy11) November 16, 2016

Talk about kicking somebody when they’re down. That Trebek is a cold-hearted son of a bitch. Brady Quinn seemed to enjoy the attention, though.

I can now die a happy man

— Brady Quinn (@3rd_Goal) November 16, 2016

It’s a good thing that Quinn was able to get a laugh out of it because I know one Browns fan who sure as hell wasn’t chuckling.

When you want to wear the #browns #quarterback #jersey

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Sorry, Cleveland. At least you’ll always have Derek Anderson’s magical Pro Bowl season in 2007. The haters can never take that away from you.

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