Watching Trey Parker’s Daughter Say “Daddy Called You A P*ssy” Is Glorious

I’m a HUGE South Park guy (I’ve probably been watching weekly for about a decade now) and I had ZERO clue that creator Trey Parker used his own daughter to record lines for Ike the Canadian baby. And boy, it is ADORABLE.

You have to imagine that being the child of one of the South Park guys would be chill AF in the first place, but I did not see the whole ‘recording lines for the show’ thing coming.  Either way, it’s always awesome to see how shit goes down behind the scenes, especially when we’re talking the genius of South Park.

Now, every time Ike pops up on TV and says something hilarious, it’ll be that much funnier now that I know it’s Trey’s cute little daughter saying the words “f*ck” and “p*ssy.”

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