Scientist Says There Is A 1-In-500 Chance That Mankind Gets Wiped Out This Year

Swell. It’s been well documented 2016 has been a global shit show, so it only makes sense that we follow that up with the apocalypse, ya know? Honestly, it would make everything easier on us. Instead of slowly killing each other over the next century, we’ll let science put a fork in us instead.

Via Daily Mail:

‘Our key conclusion is that the annual risk of global catastrophe currently exceeds 0.2 per cent,’ he claims in a new report.

The prediction is based on the Doomsday Argument – a probability-based theory that aims to predict the number of future members of the human race based solely on the number of humans born so far.

University of Barcelona mathematician Fergus Simpson said that around 100 billion people have already been born, and that the human race is about halfway through it’s lifetime, reports The Sun.

‘Irrespective of the aforementioned statistical inferences, it would be naive in the extreme to believe that the annual risk of global catastrophe is vanishingly small,’ said Dr Simpson in the report published on Arvix.

Well, it’s been real, y’all.

P.S.: Shout out to anyone who recognizes the image up there. Classic internet Ebaumsworld shit. If you don’t, it’s from this legendary video:

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