Thoughts On This British (?!) Dude Getting A Hyperrealistic Donald Trump Tattoo?

Woahhhhh, dude. Trump guy or no Trump guy… This is an aggressive move. Imagine you’re about to hook up with a chick and she catches a glimpse of that ugly mug scowling at her. Talk about a turn-off.

Via Daily Mail:

A British roofer has marked Donald Trump‘s momentous election victory by getting a huge tattoo of the new president’s face on his leg.

Dave Singleton, 38, got the politician’s portrait inked on his left calf along with the slogan: ‘In Trump We Trust’, after tattooist Craig Bartlett appealed for a volunteer.

And while he may face criticism for supporting the Republican Party leader, he says it won’t bother him because ‘great art is always controversial’.

Honestly, you could be the biggest Trump guy in the world, you could own six ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, you could have attended every rally, but there is NO WAY, you want this face looking at you the rest of your life. While opinions about Donald Trump are all over the map, I think we can agree he’s one ugly MF. I mean, just look at this thing and tell me it doesn’t make you shudder:

via Mercury Press Media

via Mercury Press Media

[h/t Daily Mail]

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