Oregon Ducks Wide Receiver Dresses As The Joker, Breaks A Mans Arm While He Yells His Own Name

There’s dumb, and then there’s this guy. Not only did he absolutely butcher his Joker costume. Not only did he assault a dude. But the dude assaulted someone because of a mistaken identity and as he did it, he yelled out his own name, jersey number, and hometown. For real, if you ever want to commit assault, read this story, and then do the EXACT opposite, and you’ll be golden. You can assault people left and right as long as you do the EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT DARREN CARRINGTON DID.

Via Oregon Live:

Mike Holland, 22, a graduate who now lives in Austin, Texas, said he was visiting Eugene to watch the Arizona State game with friends. About 2:00 A.M. on Oct. 30, near campus, Holland said Carrington approached his group and, unprovoked, shoved him off a curb into the street, where he broke his arm in the fall.

They said Carrington yelled at the group that he’d “heard what you said about me” from a car. Holland said the group did not have a car that night and believes that Carrington confused Holland or his group with someone else.

“Before I had even time to process what was going on fully, I was pushed at full force, kind of like you would to a bench press, from Carrington,” Holland said. “As I was breaking my fall on the asphalt with my right hand, I landed pretty forcefully. That’s when I broke my arm.”

So right off the rip, this is already an absolutely botched assault attempt. However, Carrington seemed determined to make it the most obvious crime in the history of crime:

After the alleged shove, Holland and witnesses also said Carrington began yelling at the group as they began walking to the hospital, saying, “‘I’m Darren Carrington, No. 7, wide receiver for the Ducks, that’s right, Darren Carrington, San Diego, California,’” Holland said.

Carrington MUST have been trying to recreate Jared Leto’s Joker by just being the absolute worst criminal of all time. #BringBackHeathLedgerFromTheDead

[h/t Oregon Live]

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