Bob Dylan Won’t Attend Noble Prize Ceremony

As we wrote back in October, Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature. Giving such a prestigious literary award to a musician surprised a bunch of people and angered a lot of jealous ass nerds, but I couldn’t agree more with the Academy’s decision.

In the following days after winning the award, Dylan pretty much just laid low. The Academy repeatedly tried to get ahold of Dylan, but he was too busy doing whatever the hell he pleased to contact them back. And today, the Associated Press reported that Dylan will not be heading to Stockholm to accept the award.

Bob Dylan won’t be coming to Stockholm to pick up his 2016 Nobel Prize for literature at the Dec. 10 prize ceremony.

The Swedish Academy said Wednesday that Dylan told them “he wishes he could receive the prize personally, but other commitments make it unfortunately impossible.”

That is the textbook definition of a power move. This would be the honor of a lifetime for most artists, and yet, Dylan┬áhit them with the ol’ “other commitments” excuse. I’m imagining Dylan blowing off the Academy to have a Frank Ricard-type Saturday.

Classic Dylan. 75 years old and still telling the establishment to suck it. He should have just played them this song when they asked him what his plans were for the ceremony. That would’ve really put those Swedes in a mental pretzel. Via Spotify:

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