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WATCH: University Of South Dakota Gets After It During Dakota Days

Byron Banasiak's YouTube

Byron Banasiak’s YouTube

The University of South Dakota sure knows how to celebrate homecoming. According to the school’s website, South Dakota Day was started in 1914 by then-President Robert L. Slagle to encourage “campus spirit and harmony.” Nowadays, the festivities last a whole week, and I’m pretty sure the new motto is to get as hammered as humanly possible.

Check out how South Dakota gets down during Dakota Days in the video below.

Goddamn, that looked like a blast. There’s nothing like some good, old-fashioned college mayhem to brighten up your day. I also loved how this guy went with the noodle bong. Such an underrated way to promptly consume a beer.

Byron Banasiak's YouTube

Byron Banasiak’s YouTube

And in case you missed something over those five minutes, let’s recap the sexiest moments with GIFs. These young ladies have me harder than Mount Rushmore.

To compare and contrast, here’s the video from 2015’s Dakota Days.

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