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WATCH: Anti-Trump Protester Gets Viciously Tackled Off Stairs At Ohio State

Lantern TV's YouTube

Lantern TV’s YouTube

On Monday, students at Ohio State University gathered to protest Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. During the protest, OSU student Timothy Adams was delivering a speech when he was rudely interrupted by the biggest hit I’ve seen this fall.

Holy sh*t, what a tackle! That was a total scumbag move, but I’d be lying if it didn’t make me laugh like a hyena. Love how he got a full head of steam and called him an idiot before lowering the boom too. What a goddamn maniac.

The man who tackled Adams is an OSU student named Shane Michael Stanton. According to student newspaper The Lantern, Stanton was arrested and suspended indefinitely from the school. That’s definitely a bummer for Shane, but it’s pretty hard to not get in trouble when you’re caught on video doing your best Terry Tate impression.

Maybe it’s in the best interest of Trump protesters to just pack it in.¬†First, they were getting hit by cars, and now, they are getting blindsided by human locomotives. Quit being sore losers. That orange nutjob won fair and square, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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