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Two Fans Snuck Into UFC 205 With Fake Media Credentials And How Does This Keep Happening?


UFC 205 fans sneak into fight

Buy $1000 tickets to a major sporting event? No thanks. Just create fake media credentials and sneak into the game because, time and time again, it continues to work.

That’s exactly what two UFC fans did in order to get into Madison Square Garden this past Saturday night for UFC 205, which featured Conor McGregor. The process of creating fake credentials involved using an ultra zoom camera to take pictures of real media credentials of crew members and replicating them for use. It worked like a charm and the guys documented their entire experience at the marquee event via saved Snapchat videos.

I am still baffled as to how two regular guys can sneak into a prolific sporting event with fake media credentials. How does this keep happening? Just a few weeks back, a Butler student snuck into Game 5 of the World Series with bogus credentials. Shouldn’t media members have to show ID or prove that they are on a list of approved media members in order to gain access to the event? It seems that the process of getting into an event as a media member as opposed to getting in as a fan is drastically different. If you are attending an event in 2016 as a fan, you usually need to go through metal detectors, get patted down by security and have your ticket scanned in order to enter the venue. Some might say it’s easier to get into Fort Knox than sneak into a game as a spectator.

Actually, now that I think of it, I have received media credentials to a few sporting events in my life and it was extremely easy to get in. Honestly, it was a walk in the park. I still had to go through metal detectors, but all I had to do was flash my credentials and I got in within seconds. They did not ask for my name or if I was on a list. It was as if a cop was flashing his badge to a pedestrian because absolutely no one questioned my credentials.

Moral of the story: Buy an ultra zoom camera and you can get into any sporting event you want.

COED Writer