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Jared Goff, The Rams’ Number One Draft Pick, Will Finally Start At Quarterback This Sunday

via Getty

via Getty

The Jared Goff Era has officially begun and I think I speak for every¬†football fan when I say “Finally!”

After months of speculation, number one draft pick Jared Goff will make his first start at quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. The Rams are facing the Miami Dolphins in Los Angeles at 4:05 P.M. EST on Fox.

It’s about time that Coach Jeff Fisher finally comes to his senses and realizes he has to start Goff. Case Keenum has been below average all year and just does not have that upside that every starting QB should have. Ironically, Keenum is getting benched after a 9-6 Rams win against the Jets last Sunday. It’s a weird move to bench a player after a win, but the Rams are 4-5 and desperately need to put up points on offense in order to have any shot at the playoffs.

To Fisher’s credit, I 100% agreed with sitting Goff at the start of the season. Have you seen the Rams’ offense? It’s atrocious. Besides Todd Gurley, there are no stars whatsoever on the offensive side of the ball. In my opinion, Goff would’ve failed miserably if he started the season and fans would’ve regretted taking the quarterback with the first pick. Goff was not ready. Let’s remember that Goff just turned 22 years old. He’s not Carson Wentz, who is almost 24 and is mature beyond his years. Goff is a young and talented prospect that is still developing. There was no need for the Rams to throw Goff out there if he was going to take a beating.

Now, it’s time to see what the kid can do. A home game against Miami is a more than ideal time to give Goff his first start. I imagine that the Rams will ease Goff into the game in terms of an offensive plan for Sunday. I expect Todd Gurley to run the ball a lot in order to give Goff easy throws in short yardage.

All I have to say to Rams fans is to be patient. Not every quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Ryan, who instantly saw success as rookies. Goff is still a work in progress. If Goff is given the proper time to develop, then the Rams might finally have a franchise quarterback for the future.

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