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Emily Ratajkowski Put Up The Greatest Instagram Photo Of All Time Last Night


via Emily Ratajkowski on Instagram

I’m of the opinion Emily Ratajkowski is the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen. I’m sure there are far more beautiful women out there, but I haven’t seen ’em, so the crown goes to Em Rata. Plus, she’s super about body positivity and all that (and when you look like she does, how can you not be?), so luckily for us there’s never a shortage of Ratajkowski wearing next to nothing.

At this point, if you aren’t following her on Instagram, just straight up quit social media. You clearly have no idea how to properly use it and therefore do not deserve it. But if you do follow Emily on Instagram or any  other form of social media, then you’ve long been woke to the fact that she’s dropping straight fire like this all the time.

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Also, notice how I was very careful to say Instagram PHOTO in my title? That’s because the greatest Instagram VIDEO of all time goes to the one and only Nick Minaj:

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