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The Latest Reports From Amazon UK’s Drivers Are Pretty Sh*tty

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To millions, Amazon is an amazing service used to shop, stream their favorite music, movies, TV shows, and in the future, possibly locate your parked car or missing children with the help of personal assistant drones. The head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, lost $3 billion dollars in one unfortunate hour in late October, so he must be looking to pull out all the stops to make sure Amazon is most optimal and most profitable for everybody’s benefit. It also doesn’t appear as if Bezos is the only one that is losing out in Amazon.

A new BBC news report reveals that something stinky appears to be going on, at least when it comes to Amazon delivery drivers working in the United Kingdom. According to this report, overworked drivers aren’t given the time to take a bathroom break.

Gross, right? Long hours and no stops to do your business. Many have to improvise, which I assume can lead to a pretty stinky truck. And according to an undercover investigation with U.K. Amazon employees, you can’t even stop to take a sh*t: “A few drivers admitted to peeing in a bottle in their van because they didn’t have time to find a toilet. Another admitted having defecated in the back of the van on one occasion.”

According to this in-depth BBC News report, “things like tiredness and toilets aren’t taken into account when Amazon plans its delivery routes.” So, drivers are literally sh*t out of luck! The company also didn’t seem too concerned when it comes to customer issues during mid-delivery, as the reporter discovered when trying to help a customer “locate her parcel.” And according to the report, the supervisor of the agency barked orders at the reporter, saying, “If it’s not in your van forget about it and move on. Stop trying to do customer service. You don’t have to be nice.”

Customer service should matter at all levels! And also, would it really kill Amazon if they allowed their U.K. drivers to stop for a bathroom break once in awhile? If these reports are indeed correct, then Amazon has some changing to do! I’m sure this news offends customers, Amazon employees, and employers at all levels!

One driver confessed about having to drive super-fast at nearly double the speed limit to deliver an item on time. This driver put the pedal to the metal at “120 mph down the motorway” to “get the job done.” Now, imagine the thing you ordered speeding down the road at 120 mph in “a poop van.” This is both hilarious and disgusting! Really, just give your drivers the bathroom breaks they need, Amazon! No one wants a poopy product! At least no one that I know.

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