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WATCH: Passed Out Jets Fan Has The Right Idea

Barstool Sports' Instagram

Barstool Sports’ Instagram

Week 10 of the 2016 NFL season was by far the best week of football we’ve seen this year. We had a bunch of competitive, entertaining games and two legitimate barn burners. The Steelers/Cowboys and Patriots/Seahawks games were both instant classics that featured seven lead changes.

But Week 10 didn’t bat 1.000 when it came to captivating action,¬†as the game between the Los Angeles Rams and New York Jets was a total snoozefest. Bryce Petty stunk it up in his first career NFL start, and the two teams combined to run the ball a mind-numbing 59 times. The Rams eked out a 9-6 victory, but one smart Jets fan avoided putting himself through such torture by getting hammered, passing out, and drooling everywhere.

Pretty much sums up that Jets/Rams game #barstool

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That dude was OUT COLD. I think they could’ve filled an Olympic-size swimming pool with all of his drool. Even though I’m sure he’s embarrassed with himself, I still think he made the right move. I would drink myself into a coma too if my quarterback situation consisted of Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, and Bryce Petty. That’s a triple threat of misery that I wouldn’t wish on my own worse enemy.

But I do hope he caught this play before taking his siesta. I have to admit that this hook-and-ladder was downright magnificent.

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