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WATCH: Alabama Prison Fight Features A Huge Elbow Drop From The Top Rope



I don’t have much background information on this video, except that two inmates in an Alabama prison got into a fight. But who the hell needs context when you’ve got a massive elbow drop?

Roll Tide! Talk about running up the score. That guy clearly won the fight and could have easily walked away as the victor. But instead of calling it a day and playing cards for cigs, he decided to throw in two elbow drops for good measure. The second elbow drop was absolutely perfect too. There’s no doubt in my mind “Macho Man” Randy Savage is smiling down from heaven at such a graceful display.

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As for the guy who got his ass kicked, he needs to start planning his escape out of there pronto. I can’t imagine prison being a very fun place when everybody knows you as the guy who got elbow dropped into next week. It’s like Andy Dufresne used to say, “Get busy digging or get busy covering your butthole in the showers.”

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