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Even When Cliff Harris’ Life Has Been In A Downward Spiral, At Least His Hair Is Great


Cliff Harris Mugshot Photos

Cliff Harris is a name that might be familiar to you if you watched college football in 2011, but BustedCoverage just reminded us why we should still be paying attention to this guy.

The University of Oregon Ducks football team prides itself on recruiting speed, speed, and speed, so you always know that their kick returners were going to be some of the fastest guys on the planet. Cliff Harris was one of those lightning-fast kick returners and he actually earned All-American collegiate honors in 2011 for his ability to turn kickoffs into touchdowns. Sadly, drugs and a collection of other personal struggles began to force Harris’ life into taking a downward turn faster than one of his 40-yard-dashes.

In 2011, while he was still at Oregon, Cliff was arrested for driving at 118 MPH. When the Oregon State Trooper asked Harris why the car smelled like marijuana smoke, Harris responded that “We smoked it all.” Oregon head coach Chip Kelly released Harris in December 2011 for violating team rules. A year later, the Philadelphia Eagles signed Harris as an undrafted free agent but released him after the season. The NY Jets then signed him but cut Harris after he had been arrested for marijuana possession in 2013.

Cut to 2015, in Fresno, CA, when it started to become transparent that there was something seriously wrong with Cliff Harris:

Police cited Harris shortly before 3:00 P.M. after officers found him in possession of marijuana and a smoking device on Gettysburg Avenue near West Avenue in northwest Fresno. About an hour later, police arrested Harris after a bystander saw him setting a patch of grass on a street median on fire near Emerson and Bengston avenues.

The bystander put out the fire with a bottle of water. Harris, who had six lighters on him, never explained to police why he did lit the blaze [source].

And as if that wasn’t strange enough, here’s what the once-healthy-looking individual looked like in his mugshot.


The police threw him in jail. A court-appointed psychologist took a look at Harris and determined that he suffered from CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the brain disease that effects people who’ve been subjected to multiple concussions, exactly what would happen to those who return kickoffs.

Harris was released on probation but messed that up when he got arrested this past Sunday for theft and drugs charges. It’s clear that Harris is not getting the help that he needs because honestly, his mugshot that was taken following his last arrest would be one of the funniest photos I’ve ever seen were it not for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his mental health. Behold, the greatest hairdo of 2016.


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