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This Is Probably The Longest Killstreak In ‘Battlefield 1’ History



Just like in real life, tanks in Battlefield 1 are absolutely devastating against infantry. If you have a good tank player on your team, chances are that things are going to swing your way more often than not. Hopefully, the tank helps you secure the objective, but that’s not always the case, especially when players like SamL97 are playing. For about 30 minutes, not once did SamL97 try to capture the objective. Instead, he managed to rack up a total of 105 kills without dying once.

Everyone who’s played knows that the light tank is one of the sneakiest ways to get a ton of kills, but this is honestly insanity. In 100+ kills, did none of his victims ever say “enough is enough” and try to take him out? Because I know that after a few consecutive deaths by way of tank, I switch to assault and spend the rest of the round trying to turn the tank into a dutch oven.

The light tank works particularly well on St. Quentin’s Scar because visibility is poor and because there aren’t many other vehicles that can pose a danger. It also helps in this round that all of SamL97’s teammates love to spam the spotting button, pointing out all the meatbag targets to hit.

H/T: Unilad

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