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You Can’t Knock The Hustle Of This Aspiring Weatherman Who Started A Fire To Get Facebook Views

johnny mullins

(Fox 32 Chicago)

An aspiring  Kentucky weatherman has been arrested on a charge of second degree arson after starting a fire with the purpose of posting video updates to his Facebook page.

Via DailyMail:

An aspiring weatherman started a forest fire then filmed himself reporting from the scene in a desperate attempt to draw fans to his Facebook page.

Johnny Mullins started the blaze in Jenkins, Kentucky, last week as other fires ravaged the region.

He filmed himself from the scene and uploaded videos to Facebook, some of which have received thousands of views.

The 21-year-old was later arrested and told officers he started the fire because he liked the attention it brought him, according to Jenkins Police Department.

You’re probably expecting a snarky New York writer like myself to rip this amateur to shreds, but I just can’t Johnny’s hustle. I doubt there are many exciting things to write about in Jenkins, Kentucky so as they teach you in journalism school, if there’s no news to report then you have to make some news.

Living in Chappaqua, New York, home to the Clintons, I sometimes considered on slow news days throughou the campaign going over to Bill and Hillary Clinton‘s house and egging and toilet papering it, and then conveniently being there to swoop in and report on it. But because it didn’t seem worth it to either get arrested for trespassing at best and shot by the secret service at worst, I just didn’t have the courage to execute the plan. And frankly, I missed out on a shit-ton of page views that would have been mine.

In contrast to my cowardice, Johnny was just somebody who was trying to make it happen. In today’s society, if you don’t get a lot of views than you’re basically worthless, and Johnny took his shot. Sure he struck out swinging, but at least he had the balls to try it at all.

With all that said, I’ve never seen a more despondent-looking mugshot which just shouldn’t be the case. If your scheme is to start a fire and then report on it, you should go in with the expectation that you’ll get arrested and just hope for the best.

Anyway, please share this story with your friends. Because it’s not going to click itself and I don’t want to have to go out and mess with my neighbors Bill and Hillary. For God’s sake, those people have been through enough already this week.

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