WATCH: Steve Smith Roasts Rodney Harrison For Doubting Him

The Baltimore Ravens smoked the still winless Cleveland Browns last night, beating them 28-7 to improve to 5-4 on the season. Steve Smith played a crucial part in their victory, racking up 60 yards and a TD on five catches. In Smith’s postgame interview, he took some shots at Rodney Harrison for doubting him. Via CBS Sports, Harrison has been critical of the veteran wide receiver.

“I look at Steve Smith and he is your best player, but the problem is he is a 37-year-old wide receiver,” Harrison said last month. “He is coming off a major surgery. Once he left the game, then your toughness and production left. They have some good young wide receivers, but they don’t have a lot of NFL experience.”

This made last night a perfect time for Smith to do some gloating.

I couldn’t agree more. Age is nothing but a number, as Smith has been very productive for the Ravens this season. In seven games of action, he’s caught 36 passes for 417 yards and two TDs. I don’t even know why Harrison has a job as a TV analyst in the first place. That guy royally sucks on air, and he was one of the dirtiest players to ever put on shoulder pads.

To dance on Harrison’s grave, Smith bragged about the size of his shovel.

Steve Smith is hilarious. #nfl #ravens

— Josh Fish (@josh_fish23) November 11, 2016

God, I wish Steve Smith would never retire. That fiery son of a bitch is a Hall of Fame trash talker.

h/t Charm City Wire

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