Smile As You Watch Veterans With PTSD Discuss The Benefits Of Weed While Smoking Weed

Love these videos. Like those Grandmas smoking weed for the first time. Remember that? This is the same thing only much, much cooler. Also, slick move releasing this video on Veteran’s Day. Absolutely love it. It also helps that California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, joining the likes of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Within the next 10 years (probably five) it’s going to be legal nationwide.

Via Uproxx:

The same team behind “Grandmas Smoking Pot for The First Time” — brought together three vets to learn how marijuana can treat their PTSD, which one of them calls a “f*cking thorn in my side.” After taking a rip from a bong, they describe their mood as being “happy” and “relaxed.” Later, after munching on pizza and playing Never Have I Ever, the vets admit that marijuana could help them with their PTSD. “I feel safe, which is great.”

Check out Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access.

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