Does The United States Deliver Mail On Veterans Day?

Today is Veterans Day here in the good old US of A, so let me start off by saying thank you to all of the veterans that have risked their lives to protect our country and to make it the greatest place to live in the world.

Does The United States Deliver Mail On Veterans Day?

Now Veterans Day being a national holiday, many people wonder whether or not they will get their mail delivered to them today. Here’s the answer to that question: No, your mail will not be delivered to you today.
All post offices and federal offices will be closed for the holiday, meaning that no business or households will receive their mail, and this is will also count towards USPS packages. Although it is a federal holiday and all federal offices are closed, all federal workers will still be paid today.

FedEx and UPS will still be open during Veterans Day and will provide their regular pickup and delivery services.
Some additional holidays on which mail is not delivered include:

Veterans Day is a national holiday in the United States, which takes place on November 11 every year, and evolved from the Armistice Day of the First World War. On this day, all walks of life in the United States will hold various commemorative activities to pay tribute to those veterans. The event included celebrations and speeches to pay tribute to the warriors who fought for peace.

How can we express our gratitude for peace through various activities on this day?

In addition to being in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, Tribute and Mourning. We can also Re-Veterans Day donate money for charities. Or it would be a good idea to customize Veterans Challenge Coins such as Army Challenge Coins, Air Force Challenge Coins or Navy Challenge Coins, etc. to express their commemoration. Customizing military challenge coins with veterans’ names, birthdays, etc. is a simple but meaningful thing to do on an the platform like The Military Challenge Coin is a symbol of honor as well as an excellent gift to express gratitude and appreciation to veterans.

Happy Veterans Day!

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