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Chicago Man Who Voted For Trump Gets Pulled Out Of Car And Jumped By Protesters


Chicago Teens Beat Up Trump Supporter

By no surprise to anyone, protests against Donald Trump as the next president have already begun. They are sweeping the nation at a rapid pace.

Well, things have gotten violent in some areas. In the video below, an older man was pulled from his car and beaten up by a group of Chicago teens / young adults who were against Donald Trump. They are screaming “You voted Trump?” and “Beat his ass! Don’t vote Trump.” The group later stole some of the man’s belongings, including his car.

What the actual f*ck? Are you serious?

This is a disturbing and disgusting video. Democracy! Woo! Let’s use our right to vote for whoever we shall please, but then to proceed to beat everyone up who does not support our beliefs! This will solve all our problems and remove Trump from the presidency!

How dumb can you be? There are actually peaceful and successful protests going on throughout the country. Those against Trump are finally getting involved in their communities and standing up for what they believe in. You know what, I absolutely hate protests, but I’ll give credit to those people actually going out and peacefully standing up for what they believe in. I wasn’t a Hillary or Trump guy, but I’m going to support Trump for now because I love America and he was elected to lead this great country. If you want to peacefully protest, that’s your right and I’m not going to stop you.

However, what an awful look for people protesting against Trump. Some protesters are beating innocent people up because Trump won a fair and democratic election? Seriously? Trump is my next president. He’s your next president. He’s every single American citizen’s next president. Beating up and stealing an older man’s car is not going to change anything. It just makes you look arrogant and dumb. If people are going to start getting violent over the results of the election, then those people need to be sent on the next ship to Mars and never come back.

COED Writer