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Our Boy Snoop Dogg Asks Drake For Help Moving to Canada, Tweets At The Wrong Drake

Snoop dogg

via Getty

It looks like Snoop Dogg was just a little too high when he decided to ask Drake about moving to Canada.

With news of the recent election, Snoop Dogg took to Twitter and Instagram to ask Drake if he could set him up with a home in Canada.

No big deal, right? Wrong. It turns out that @champagnepapi is NOT Drake. On Twitter, Drake’s handle is @Drake.

This is who Snoop Dogg tweeted at by mistake.

Drake wrong twitter handle

Classic, classic mixup by Snoop Doggy Dogg. First off, that is an absurd Twitter bio. I could not even begin to tell you what it means. I thought it was a rap lyric, but I could not find any match.Β If that were me, I would go with two trips for those groceries. Think about it. There’s definitely valuable stuff in those bags like milk and eggs. If you drop that bag, you’re screwed.Β I guess if I make two trips, I Sweatergawd won’t tweet for me. Damn…

Also, is anyone else confused as to why Snoop wants to move to Canada? I understand that he probably wants to leave because of Donald Trump, but Snoop, your home state of California just made recreational weed legal. Why do you want to leave so soon? I need you to stay, Snoop. You’re too entertaining to leave. I need more funny posts of you smoking and ranting. America needs you, Snoop!

COED Writer