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Classic NFL Move Scheduling A Browns-Ravens Thursday Night Game During Election Week

via NFL

via NFL

Tough week in America. The election has been exhausting, Trump supporters are shitting on everyone, Hillary people are crying everywhere, we’re now officially barreling towards winter, just a tough week. Point being, we could all use a distraction. And what better a distraction is there than sport, especially when that sport is football. So what does the NFL do? The same thing they always do: bend us over the table and laugh their way to the bank as they drink our tears.

So, how’d Goodell and the boys give us the swift shaft this time? By scheduling yet another HORRENDOUS Thursday night game: the Baltimore Ravens against the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Now, before you’re all like, “But Eric, Thursday night games are always trash, what makes this week any different?” I’ll tell you what makes this f*cking different: the Cleveland Browns are on national television. Every NFL team is guaranteed one nationally televised game, and the NFL chose to shove the Browns down our throats during the most miserable week of the year.

Coincidence you say? Hell no. Literally, every person in the WORLD, let alone the country, knew election day was November 8. Including the NFL. And what do they decide to do with that information? Shove it right back up our asses. Classic NFL. F*ck Goodell.

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