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Soda May Soon Begin Costing You More Money Because of a Sugar Tax

Sugar Drinks Tax


It was a double-whammy for voters this week when four cities agreed to add taxes to sweetened soft drinks. Boulder, Colorado, as well as San Francisco, Oakland, and Albany, California all decided it was time to provide for their communities, as opposed to profiting from their bad habits. Honestly, I completely agree. It’s ridiculous that organic foods are so expensive- that backlash causes families, college students, single mothers, and other working class citizens to turn their heads when it comes to healthy options. Nobody’s pockets can keep up with healthy habits. In turn, it is ridiculous how cheap and accessible unhealthy food, and drinks are. By upping the taxes it should steer people clear of those highly-addictive ‘refreshments.’

One can only hope that the East Coast will soon follow through the West’s proposal for health advancements. Sodas, sports drinks, and sweetened teas imported a two-cent per ounce tax in the city of Boulder. The Golden State’s three cities increased the tax by one-cent per ounce, a little more lenient than Boulder, if I must say.

These tax raises are intended to achieve $223,000 in Albany, $15 million in San Francisco, and  $3.8 million in Boulder.



Albany voters came out top dog with a supported degree of 71% of the vote.

San Francisco voters reinforced their measure with 62% of the vote.

Oakland voters guided their votes with 61%.

Last, but not least 54% of Boulder voters polled in favor.



With respect to the voters in the above cities, at least they are trying. That’s all that counts for right now. In the near future, this change needs to spread throughout America. Change NEEDS to be implemented. The rise of obesity rates, health implications, and diabetes has been rapidly spreading, particularly through low and middle income families. When it comes down to it, I hope people don’t just accept the taxes but go for the cheaper, healthier option, good ol’ H2O.

COED Writer