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This Is How Newspapers Around The World Reacted To Donald Trump Becoming President

via Getty

via Getty

At last, one of the nastiest and most cutthroat elections of all time has come to a close. Around the world, the results have left millions of people, including voters and American citizens, baffled. Some are happy, some are devastated, while others are confused and scared. Personally, I believe this election completely embodied the new American spirit: to divide and separate. That is exactly what this election has accomplished. Yes, there will always be mixed emotions when Americans are told they must select their fate in a ‘trusted’ leader. Though I’m not pointing any fingers towards Trump or Clinton, per se. In general, most elections follow suit. But what is really going on in the heads of Americans and other countries today? How are we feeling the day after the election when the emotional hangover has settled. What are the front pages saying?

There you have it: around the globe coverage of the 2016 election. Just think of it this way… What’s another four years, right?

COED Writer