This Is How The Electoral Map Would Have Looked If Only Voters Ages 18-25 Counted

The map doesn’t surprise me. This is usually how millennials vote. What does surprise me is the sheer disparity in electoral votes. 504 to 23? Is a trouncing that severe even possible?
Not to toot my own dick, but I’ve always said there should be an age cap on voting. Why the f*ck should someone who’s 65 years old have a say? They’re living off their 401ks and Medicare — ain’t nothing gonna effect them. The only reason old people vote is because they’re stubborn and want to resist the sweeping change the youth of the nation bring about. And to be honest, at that age you’re happy to make it through another year, let alone another presidential term.
Anyway, take this for what you will. It’s certainly wild to look at when you consider how last night’s results turned out.

Via Romper:

While some of the exit poll statistics were disheartening (one CNN poll found that 63 percent of American white males voted for Trump while only 31 percent voted for Clinton), the fact that Clinton was backed by 55 percent of voters under the age of 29, male and female, is cause for a small celebration.

[h/t Romper]

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