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The Legend of Will Mackey, South Carolina’s Greatest Fan, Continues To Grow


Will Mackey South Carolina Field Rush

Will Mackey isn’t just a college football legend, he isn’t just a University of South Carolina legend, he’s probably the greatest spy our country has ever seen. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Will is the South Carolina student who rushed the field after the Gamecocks big victory against Tennessee. But the reason you’re hearing about his name is because he was the only one to rush the field. Even better, he got a video of him doing it.

You can see that glorious Leeroy Jenkins reenactment below.

According to SBNation, who got an exclusive interview with Will, the reasoning behind his rush was pretty innocent.

You see, Mackey’s seat was on the East Side of Williams-Brice Stadium. As the game got close to the end, he tried to get to the student section, which is in the north end zone. Instead, he took a wrong turn and ended up on the south end.

When he tried to rally a group together to storm the field, he wasn’t talking to a rowdy group of students. He was instead just rallying normal adult Gamecocks fans that didn’t happen to be carefree college kids.

But as Mackey made his beeline on the field, he looked at his phone and realized that he was, in fact, alone. So he ran toward Orth. Then just kind of stopped.

Once he was apprehended by South Carolina police (supposedly the security didn’t notice what happened), they held him until everyone made it off the field safely, then let him go. For his efforts, though Will was banned from buying student tickets to home games… But South Carolina underestimated the power and legend that is Will Mackey.

Since the school had just banned him from buying tickets, he asked his dad to buy him a ticket. In order to not cause a scene, Will wore an extremely deceptive disguise.

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