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WATCH: Elderly Couple Argues About Election In Adorable Video

CNN Politics' Twitter

CNN Politics’ Twitter

I think we can all agree that watching Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton battle to be the next President has been a major bummer. But thankfully, something positive has finally emerged from this depressing ass election. Watch an elderly couple from Washington County, Pennsylvania argue about Trump and Clinton in the most adorable video you’ll see today.

Such an outstanding video. I could watch this clip all day long.

Now that is true love, my friends. Both for each other and for this country. They could have easily just hit up Denny’s for a grand slam breakfast and went the hell home with their votes cancelling each other out. But they went out and did their civic duty anyway like true patriots.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to have disagreements with your spouse after spending 37 years together, so the real test is how you handle these problems. Jackie and Bill Krachala just gave couples all over America the blueprint for how to nip any martial strife in the bud. Is it too late to get them on the ballot? I feel like these two could handle any sticky situation thrown their way with reason, humor, and aplomb.

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