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The Wife Of The Buffalo Bills Kicker Wants To Chop Off Richard Sherman’s Johnson

via Getty

via Getty

Important play happens in an NFL game. NFL refs miss the call. One team is left very unhappy. Rinse. Repeat.

NFL refs have once again caused controversy and now players’ wives want in on the action. If you haven’t seen the play, at the end of the first half last night, Dan Carpenter of the Bufallo Bills lined up for a field goal. Richard Sherman of the Seahawks jumped before the snap and took out Carpenter’s legs on the kick while trying to block it. Only problem was the play was blown dead because Sherman was offsides.┬áIt should’ve been unnecessary roughness and the ball should’ve been moved up 15 yards. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Carpenter went on to miss the kick shortly after.

The NFL blew this call, but Bills fans were heated afterwards because they only lost the game by six points. That was a turning point in the game so I see where Bills fans were coming from. If you thought Rex Ryan was mad, you probably never met Kaela Carpenter. Carpenter is the wife of Bills kicker Dan Carpenter and she was not happy with Richard Sherman to say the least.

Live look at my reaction.

Do NOT mess with Kaela Carpenter or she will threaten to castrate you. You have to love that Kaela will do anything for her man. A true ride or die wife who is willing to cut off the balls of anyone who messes with her husband. If she was going to do this to Richard Sherman, I can’t even begin to comprehend what she might do to the refs who missed the call. Hey NFL, I suggest you never send those refs from last night to Buffalo in order to save them from Kaela Carpenter. Their lives might be at stake.

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