Meet Tracy Kiss: The Personal Trainer Who Stays Healthy By Drinking These Shocking Smoothies

Tracy Kiss is a 29-year-old personal trainer from Buckinghamshire, England. The single mother of two is a pioneer when it comes to the smoothie game, as she swears by using an all-natural source of protein. Via The Sun, here’s Tracy describing her strange method to boost her immune system.

On her bizarre beverage concoction, she said: “I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, but now I’m full of beans and my mood has improved.

“It can taste really good – depending on what my friend has been eating. My other mates think I’m strange, but I don’t give a toss.”

Tracy, who is a vegan, roped her 31-year-old single pal into giving her his semen. He comes round with a fresh tub three times a week.

“I know he’s healthy, doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and I made him have an STI check,” she said.

What a tough spot for that dude to be in. On one hand, it’s gotta be a pretty cool feeling that a woman thinks your sperm has super powers and is willing to suck it down on the regular. It’s also very nice to have an excuse to constantly jerk off. But on the other hand, it’s gotta be tortuous not getting the real thing from Tracy. You know he’s begging her to cut out the middle man and just blow him. That would be some real farm-to-table type stuff.

Here’s more from The Sun of Tracy singing the praises of sperm, which she obviously uses for skin care as well. Go pound sand, Proactiv.

“Sperm is an awesome product and we should stop being so ridiculous about it – the health benefits have been well researched and more women and men should take advantage of it particularly as its made by our own bodies and doesn’t contain e-numbers and chemicals.”

For two years, Tracy, on the alleged advice of her beautician, has been using it as a skin product to help soothe her rosacea – a condition that causes redness.

She mixes sperm with egg whites and lavender oil, then leaves it on her face for 15 minutes, three times a week.

Now that we know all about Tracy’s health and beauty regimen, let’s take a look at some of her hottest photos. This crazy broad might be on to something.

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