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Welp, Here’s Out First Incident Of Violence At A Polling Station … And Guess Where It Happened


Jupiter Polling Fight Pepper Spray

Police are investigating a fight that broke out at the Jupiter Community Center polling station between a woman and a man today.

Those who saw the fight say that the woman was handing out Trump literature to people about to vote. A man exited the JCC after having voted, walked up to her, and started getting up in her face. One witness says that it seemed as though the man was “up in her face like he was picking a fight.”

Here’s what happened next, according to the Palm Beach Post:

“As the shouting increased, the two got closer and she pepper-sprayed him. The man then grabbed the woman by the neck and threw her down.”

Handing out literature or trying to sway votes is illegal, but only if it’s within a certain distance of the polling station. The witnesses claim that the woman was nearby the Trump/Mast signs you see above, which is an appropriate distance to be from the polling station. We’ll be updating this post as time goes on, including adding a video of the altercation. We don’t know for sure that one exists yet, but we’d definitely bet on it.

Update– 11/8/2016: The names of both parties have been released. The man is Tom Garrecht and the woman is Donna Tatlici. Tom told reporter Lawrence Mower that he “shouldn’t have” been involved in the altercation and the woman, Donna, told Lawrence that she’s pressing charges.

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