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WATCH: Donald Trump Was Booed At His Own Polling Location In NYC

Donald Trump at polling location


Donald Trump was  booed upon arrival at his polling location in Midtown Manhattan. A lot of voters were already in line at the time of his 11:00 A.M. arrival and captured the scene outside of PS 59.

This is not a surprise to me nor is it even important news to me. Donald Trump gets booed and heckled everywhere he goes because of his persona. It’s like any popular athlete or movie star. You get your cheers just as much as you get your boos. Same thing goes for the Donald.

Actually, the biggest takeaway from this story involves Trump’s future job. If he doesn’t get elected president, I need Donald Trump back in the WWE. Trump would be the perfect heel towards Vince McMahon. The two have feuded before and Donald Trump is actually a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. McMahon is the best at capitalizing on people’s stock and Trump’s stock is currently through the roof. I need Trump in the WWE feuding with McMahon again like I need air.

COED Writer